You've got to go below the surface if you really want to capture your customer's heart and mind.


Thanks to the digital revolution, your loyal customer has a world of options to choose from and making the switch has never been easier. How do you appeal to your customer when what your brand is offering looks and sounds like everyone else?

Lift Force's market research solutions are designed to capture deeper insights into your customer's motivations, by exploring the deeper, emotional connection between what and why they buy. With this understanding, your brand can move out of the 'sea of sameness' and into the rare air of preference and loyalty.

  • Focus Group programs
  • In-depth Interview programs
  • On-line surveys

Failure to plan is planning to fail.


The rules of engagement are changing as enterprises face a new set of challenges in the marketplace. Consumers are getting more savvy and demanding more from brands in exchange for their dollars. Your traditional competitors are going after your market share but so are the new kids on the block, itching to disrupt the status quo (Uber, anyone?). How will you stay the course?

Lift Force's Brand Strategy and Brand Development solutions can build or 'refresh' your brand to make sure that you remain relevant to your customers today, and in the years to come.

  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Value Proposition Development
  • Brand Positioning (Corporate and Product)
  • Key Message Platform

Freshly-baked tactics to breathe life into your brand.


Lift Force's Implementation team will provide your team with the tools and tactics necessary to put your brand to work so you can capitalize on the market opportunities in front of you. 

We take an inside-out approach to implementation, with tactics that will engage your customers as well as your employees. Because if your employees are not living your brand, it's just words on a paper.

  • Visual Identity
  • Verbal Identity
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Brand Engagement
  • Training
  • Marketing and Communications Planning